Welcome to EZBRND.
It’s nice to meet you.

Life should be EZ. Fun. Carefree. This is why we are bringing life back to simplicity. Our mission, to make your life EZ with comfort and accessibility. Let us show you a better way.

EZBRND is a group of motivated young professionals who are designing everyday products based around simplicity. Not some group of resellers lacking vision, EZBRND is based in the creative process and holds a key partnership with an established OEM manufacturer. This way every product produced is specific to EZBRND quality standards. Things like high-grade materials, skilled design and production methods. Following this process ensures a simple and EZ experience for you.

So, no more bulky paper towels and holders. Rather, a slim sized, space saving dispenser with a touch of high-end design. The EZ PULL. An evolution in the dispensing of paper towels.

Simplicity aligns with the environment. Meet the EZ Shower. A waste reducing, compact and EZ to mount dispenser solution. Eliminate the clutter and plastic waste of shampoo bottles. Perfect for hotels, fitness centers and everyday use at home. Each dispenser is simple to function, clean and maintain. Your shower just got upgraded to EZ.

The EZBRND collection of products is ever-growing. Introducing the newest member. EZ-TAPE. The hassle-free method for mounting and hanging products. Stop the drilling and hammering into walls. Simply stick and press for an incredibly strong hold. And so, the EZBRND saga continues…

By keeping things simple we are keeping things human. Make no mistake, EZBRND is passionate and focused on its customers. It is built into our DNA. Being a start-up business gives us the advantage of learning and growing with our customers. We care deeply and are dedicated to providing you the best customer experience. Let us help your life become EZ.