Airbnb & Vacation Rental Shower Amenities

Airbnb & Vacation Rental Amenities for Elevating Guest Experience

In the competitive world of vacation rentals, offering superior amenities can make a significant difference in guest satisfaction and reviews. EZBRND’s shower dispenser set for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, along with our hand wash and body lotion, presents an exceptional opportunity to enhance your property’s appeal while promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency.

The New Standard in Guest Amenities

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Transitioning from single-use amenities to our 350ml refill cartridges dramatically reduces plastic waste. This eco-friendly choice aligns with the growing demand for sustainable travel options, contributing to a positive environmental impact.

Cost Savings

Our 350ml bottles last up to 60-90 days, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing overall costs. This extended lifespan is particularly beneficial for Airbnb hosts, offering substantial savings on amenity expenses while maintaining high-quality standards.

Hygiene and Convenience

EZBRND’s dispensers feature a screw-on pump and an upside-down design to avoid contamination and reduce bacterial growth. This ensures that the product is dispensed hygienically, providing a safer option for your guests.

Ease of Maintenance

The larger refill cartridges require less frequent maintenance, allowing you to focus on other aspects of managing your property. The 350ml cartridges are easy to replace, ensuring that your amenities are always stocked and ready for use without constant attention.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

We offer two versatile combos for a comprehensive guest experience:

  • 3 Combo (Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner): Our shower dispenser set includes premium products formulated to meet the highest standards of quality, enhancing your guests’ shower experience.
  • 2 Combo (Hand Wash, Body Lotion): Placed at the vanity, these products provide a luxurious touch, ensuring guests feel pampered.

Stand Out in the Market

Providing top-notch amenities like EZBRND’s shower dispenser set can significantly enhance your property’s appeal, setting you apart from the competition. Guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality, likely resulting in better reviews and higher occupancy rates.

For independent hotel owners and operators, we offer custom printing and tailored solutions for properties ranging from 10 rooms to 500 rooms.

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